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South Bay Divas opened in 2011 in a rented space within the San Pedro Ballet Center. Within months we had grown tremendously, so we moved into our own facility. Since then, we have continued to expand, opening our second location in Upland, CA in 2018 and becoming the premier competitive cheerleading program in Southern California. At SBD, we pride ourselves on five key points that we feel set us apart from other programs:

1. We are a D1 program, but have a small gym, family feel with great friendships, program pride and camaraderie across our two locations.

2. Every athlete, regardless of location, will work with ALL SBD coaches as each of our staff members brings a dynamic and skill set that benefits each aspect of the athlete experience.

3. The details matter at every program and age level, as we place consistent emphasis on technique and proper progression. Our athletes are well-rounded and are assets in every area of the routine.

4. Our athletes lives outside of the gym are just as important to us. Throughout the season, you can find our staff supporting our athletes by attending Friday night football games, quinceñeras, sweet sixteens, performances and academic events to name a few.

5. As athletes grow in our program, we see strong leadership skills develop. Many of these athletes become SBD staff members and positively impact our younger SBD athletes.

SBD is known for our innovative, boundary pushing routines that are delivered with technical ease and jaw dropping performance factors. Over the last decade, we have won a plethora of innovative choreography awards, division championships, level and event grand championships, NCA titles, as well as D1 and D2 Summit titles. Our goal is to create passionate individuals with like minded purpose, thus each team will be composed of athletes with similar skill sets, mental maturity and work ethic.

With open arms and a welcoming heart, we hope your athlete has confidence and your family finds their forever home here at SBD!

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